NEXT BIG STEP – by Calvin Wulf

Spiritual Growth~

Spiritual Growth - Next Big Step

Where are you going? The idea that success goes with being a good Christian is an illusion of the world. There comes a point in spiritual growth when your sense of certainty becomes unsure. You begin to ponder deeper questions about who you are. You might even start asking who is God.

Your next big step may be to get away from your endless activity, sit down and be still. Don’t move on until you know who is God. When you are ready to let go of accomplishing and embrace your new found sense of vulnerability, then you can approach those questions of your heart. There, you will begin to encounter who you are inside.

Make plans for times of silence and solitude . Keep times of silence and take time to be alone as intentional spiritual disciplines. Listen for the voice that is stirring inside you. It may be that you will hear the true voice of God for the very first time.

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