ON A JOURNEY – by Calvin Wulf

spiritual-journey-on-a-journeyContemplation is often misunderstood. From the outside a contemplative person is just sitting there, eyes closed and muttering an occasional word. Any person who is overly committed to achievement just won’t get it.

A skeptic may ask, “Why do you just sit there?” And the contemplative would answer, “I’m not sitting, I’m on a journey.” But so what? All Christians are on a journey. It’s just that the contemplative has moved their journey inward. This is a journey through the heart.

The heart is a spiritual intersection between the human and the divine. This is where we know God. Outside the self, a person can know about God. But the human must move inside where God dwells in order to know God.

To know yourself is to become more like Jesus. The God image etched on our inward parts comes alive as we approach this Person in the heart. Then there is no such thing as sitting still.

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