Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Journey Once Lost Now Found

I was dumbfounded to realize I’ve been on this stretch of my spiritual journey for over eighteen months. It goes back to my blog entry, THE LOST ROOM, and finally reached it’s destination. I’ve been searching for this lost room in my heart that Jesus asked me to seek. An excerpt from my journal describes it best.

“In this journey of the heart, far down a trail of tears, I have found the lost room. Inside was a sad little boy named Calvin. He was waiting for me. We hugged and I love him.” – Journal entry December 12, 2008. In that moment Jesus came with his Father to meet us and I felt great release from my tormented past.

My early childhood memories had been locked up and hidden away for decades. But Jesus had reasons for them to be unlocked. My heart is now a finer instrument for the Father’s glory.

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