Spiritual Life Presence of Heart

My evening contemplation was interrupted by the recollection of a pressing matter. As it loomed over me, I commanded the specter with my audible voice saying, “No, I will remain in Jesus.” The distracting thought was melted away by my passion for the lover of my soul.

A prayer slipped from my lips that took away my breath, “Lord Jesus, quiet my mind so that I may be present with you in my heart.” It was a spiritual reflex more than rational thought. My request came from a longing deep within. Intimacy called to intimacy as deep calls to deep.

I drifted into my prayer where I met with Jesus. I knew the love and the presence of Christ right there in my heart. In this holy place, I entered into communion, even union, with the one who is and was and is to come. Would you say no to distractions and remain present in Christ?

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