Books and Downloads

Living for God™ offers quality resources for Christian spiritual growth and inspiration that will help you experience the presence of Christ in everyday life. Calvin and Lisa Wulf have the ability to speak to your spiritual heart from their own lives and spiritual training.

Lisa’s book, On a Quest for Christ, offers stories that will open recollections from your own journey and help you understand points in your life where the divine intersected with the mundane. She will gently guide you through your own journey to discover those golden spiritual threads that have shaped you.

Calvin’s spiritual life downloads are thoughtful, relational and portable. They are published in an easy to use PDF format. He shares his wealth of spiritual experiences and insight in a style that is easily accessible to people at all stages of spiritual development. His downloads offer timeless guidance and wisdom that will help you to grow spiritually. And, you can download them for FREE.

Have a look at these inspiring and enlightening resources written for you by people who have been there and actually live the life that they describe in their writings. Use the drop down under the publications tab to find a complete listing.