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Living for God™ offers quality resources for Christian spiritual growth with daily devotionals and practical spiritual guidance. Calvin and Lisa Wulf have the ability to speak to your spiritual heart from their own lives and spiritual training. Their publications are available in print, Kindle, Nook, and audio formats from major book retailers.

Lisa’s book, On a Quest for Christ, is an award-winning 30-day devotional offering stories that will open recollections from your own journey. It will help you remember points in your life where the divine intersected with the mundane. She will gently guide you through your own journey to discover those golden spiritual threads that have shaped you. 

Enfolded in God’s Arms, by Lisa Are Wulf, is yet another award-winning daily devotional that delivers hope and healing to the wounded places in your soul. This 40-day devotional for women includes healing stories, gentle prayers, and tender scriptures, shared from the author’s heart. Lisa offers personal insights that will give you new hope and inner-healing. Let yourself be enfolded in the loving arms of God.

Come and See

Have a look at these inspiring and enlightening resources written for you by people who have been there and actually live the life that they describe in their writings. Use the drop down under the publications tab to find a complete listing.