QUESTIONING GOD – by Calvin Wulf

spiritual-journey-jesus-christian-questioning-godYou may be a person with strong Christian faith. You can defend your beliefs and you know right from wrong. At the same time, you may be encountering situations that challenge your certainty. I know that I face these challenges anyway.

When these times start to appear in the spiritual journey, we usually look outside ourselves for symbols that reassure us. Right doctrine and clear answers to life’s questions provide a secure sense that the world won’t fall apart. After all, other people count on you to show them the way.

In reality, one size does not fit everybody. The same clear answers don’t work in every situation. Think about it. The men who wanted to stone the woman caught in adultery were confronted with their own sins by Jesus. Who was right and who was wrong?

Stuffing your questions only stagnates your spiritual progress. You just may be approaching the mind of Christ. Find someone who can accept your uncertainty. Share your conflicts with them. Let someone with love and wisdom guide you.

Don’t worry about people who don’t understand. You’re entering a deeper and more personal relationship with Christ. You can go there.

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