QUIET DIRECTION – by Calvin Wulf

Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation - Quiet Direction

I’ve heard that the job of a symphony conductor is 99% listening and 1% waving the arms. A conductor listens intently to the orchestra in order to call out the depth of the music written by a master. Their direction comes up from what is heard with a skillful and sensitive ear.

The job of a spiritual director is very much the same. We listen to discern the movement of God in the lives of those who seek our guidance. Skilled ears hear the Spirit whisper through words that are spoken from human experiences and expressed in sacred stories offered.

Anyone who has a responsibility to discern movements and spirits, for the common good of others, must learn to listen intently and hear without interference from within or without. This is especially true for spiritual directors. God speaks to the quiet soul. How keen is your hearing?

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