spiritual-life-disciplines-quiet-spiritualityThe quiet spirit holds onto an intimate knowledge of God. She has experienced the ecstasy of Christ’s soul piercing presence. They have been face to face and heart to heart.

How does one gain such familiarity with the divine presence? Such a spirit has devoted years of quietly learning to know and delight in the lover of her soul. Such affection grows from experiences with the person of God instead of endless study about God. The soul has abandoned herself to love.

Such a love is acquired through a quiet prayerful lifestyle, patient contemplation, sacred reading of scripture and living participation in the sacraments. We seek God in silence and solitude where he sears our souls with the inscrutable heat of his glory. We learn to sit alone with in the quiet presence of the one who loves us most.

These are practices of the monastic tradition. We create our monastery by simply closing the door on a quiet room. Is a quiet spirituality calling to you?

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