RE-KNOWING GOD – by Calvin Wulf

Spiritual Growth~

Spiritual Growth - Re-Knowing God

Unknowing God is a time of spiritual growth when you have questions that your knowledge and understanding cannot answer. It is an opportune transitional interlude for progressing toward a deeper spiritual life beyond knowing and doing. Most people miss the opportunity by turning back to past strategies with more study and analysis, trying to answer or dismiss those nagging questions.

Re-knowing God is a strategy that opens a door for you to grow spiritually. Here you move beyond knowing doctrine and doing endless Bible study. Re-knowing calls us to encounter the person of God found in Jesus. It is like the icon with Mary introducing you to the Son of God for the fist time.

This season calls for praying the Psalms and meditation on scripture , as Jesus did. Rather than analyze scripture, these approaches help us encounter God through praying his word. In a way, we stop reasoning so that Jesus can do some revealing. He wants to show you the love of the Father. You might actually start re-knowing God as never before.

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