Spiritual Formation~

Spiritual Formation - Reflective Reading

Imagine a style of reading that opens your heart and transforms the humanity of your soul toward the divine image. I call it reflective reading.

Most of the time, we read for information. We analyze and categorize, maybe even memorize the words, but we choose how to format the data collected. We control the use for which we will retrieve it later.

I find that formation in the spirit comes when I read slowly and pause to let the words howl through my heart like a pack of lonely wolves. An image or thought lifts my awareness and holds me over a precipice where I dangle in raptured contemplation.

It isn’t just the Bible that leads me there. Sometimes the book  I’m reading isn’t even meant to be spiritual. The Spirit often catches me unaware. Wisdom examines my heart and pours words into a space that yearns to become open.

All are welcome here. Just come with something to read. What book is calling to you?

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