REMEMBERING – by Calvin Wulf

Spiritual Growth~

Spiritual Growth - Remembering

Note: This entry is third in a series beginning with The Teacher and the previous entry called, Believing .

Remembering helps us to become what we believe. We grow spiritually as we believe more and more advanced teachings of Jesus. A continuing memory of Jesus transforms who we are and we become more of God. We do more and more of the things we see Jesus do.

The Teacher understands that his students need help to remember and believe. Jesus hands us bread and then a cup. He commands us saying, “Do this to remember who I am.” Whatever we eat and drink becomes part of us. We assimilate Christ with the bread and the wine; his body and blood.

Remembering God calls out the divine presence in your heart. Spiritual growth takes place as you believe and remember. Memories of Jesus form love and obedience in the practice of his teaching. The more you remember God, the more you are restored in the divine image. Place reminders in your daily path to help you grow. Remember that in some ways, seeing is believing.

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