REPENTANCE – by Calvin Wulf

Spiritual Struggles~

Spiritual Struggles - Repentance

I am grateful for times of repentance when I get intimate with God. Repentance in Jesus is my response to the goodness of his Father. And when my repentance is complete, a joyous celebration begins and I sing with angels.

His light carries me up. The Lord searches and knows my heart. I am ashamed of  the thoughts and images he reveals. Fire pierces my inner heart with sacred pain. My confession rides on a flood of tears. The whole communion in heaven and earth hears my sins with compassion. I wrestle with God until he is finished.

Such times may last only a few seconds. Some are long and difficult seasons. But my love for God is greater than my inner struggle. I want to grow up into Christ. Clearly, I have not arrived. Times of repentance draw me closer to Jesus until a day comes when I will disappear into his glory. Great joy! You know the way, want to follow?

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