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Christian Prayer - Rescue Me

“God, come to my rescue. Lord, come quickly to help me.” This is my contemporary paraphrase of Psalm 70:1. It’s also the opening words for any number of ancient prayer liturgies of the early Christian church.

John Cassian, a Christian theologian writing around the year 425 A.D., tells us that he received instruction on the use of this prayer from the oldest of desert fathers. They used it as a short prayer during spiritual contemplation and as a formula for unceasing prayer. These devoted Christians also used this prayer to stop distracting thoughts that interfered with thoughts that came from God.

We would do well to remember this prayer and say it every day. It seems to fit any situation where we need God’s help. Personally, I need God’s help in every situation. Cassian even speculates that this prayer can “lead you to that invisible and celestial contemplation.” It might be worth trying. What do you think?

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