SEEKING GOD – by Calvin Wulf

spiritual-formation-seeking-god-blogWhoever seeks God, and does not give up, will behold the face of God. I believe that it is God’s will for us to see and know him in uncreated light. We seek the face of God until he reveals himself.

Be quiet and wait for God. Press in and do not be lazy. Be patient in your contemplation. God will appear without warning and bless you for staying awake.

It is God’s passionate desire that you see and experience him in the fullness of his love. God wants to be seen and wants to be sought, pursuing until found. Then at last, you behold the face of Christ illuminated in the love of the Father and revealing the fullness of God’s glory.

It is God’s love that reveals God’s self to anyone who has a wish-filled yearning for him. As a groom waits for his bride, patiently await the entrance of your divine beloved.

TAGS: Spiritual Formation, Contemplative Prayer, Christian Meditation

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