SENSE OF BEING – By Calvin Wulf

Spiritual Formation

A Facebook friend named Dorwin wrote this on my wall, commenting on my blog post called SPIRITUAL EYES. “To be in constant communion with God, not so much a feeling but a sense of being.

God is present. My struggle is to stay present with him. I was surprised how hard it was for me to remain present in the moment even in a place of solitude just a few months ago. When I had finished a meditation, I thought, “That would make a good blog post.” Boom, I was NOT present in the moment with God, but looking ahead to a future activity.

Dorwin, you nailed it. God is encountered in a place of contemplation in daily life. It’s good to spend twenty or thirty minutes in contemplation but it is greater to carry the sense of being in contemplation, beholding God, into the rest of the day. Note to self: work on that!

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