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Spiritual Formation Simplicity is Simple

The practice of Christian simplicity is so simple that it’s an easy discipline to complicate. At a recent retreat, Lisa and I were asked to explain the spiritual discipline of simplicity in practical terms. Good thing for us that we have some very practical suggestions.

Then I read some ancient guidance from a Christian desert dweller called Philemon of Egypt who lived sometime during the late sixth and early seventh centuries. Here’s what he wrote.

Prefer a simple style of life.
Wear unremarkable clothes.
Eat simple food.
Behave in an unaffected manner.
Don’t strut around as if you were important.
Speak from your heart.

Desert spirituality distills the Christian life down to its essential oils. Each of these sentences can fill a day with formative meditation. Living out each sentence will propel the disciple quickly along the journey toward a simple life in Christ. Consider the lillies in the field.

So give it a try! Are you up for the challenge?

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