Living for God

There are Christians these days who say, “We are wealthy and powerful because God has blessed us.” Jesus says, “Blessed are the poor because the kingdom of heaven belongs to them.” So who is right?

The Pharisees of Jesus’ day looked down their noses at the poor. They assumed that if you are rich then you are blessed by God for your righteousness. Poverty, they say, is the result of sin.  Jesus didn’t like their attitude.

Jesus is affirming the kind of people whom the Pharisees treated like trash. In the kingdom of heaven, love and mercy are the currency that carries the day. Now, there’s nothing wrong with money and influence unless they are a cause for self-righteousness.

Love your neighbor and even the aliens who live in our land. This is the righteousness of God.  Would you deny mercy to even the least of these? Beware of selfish pride.

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