SORROW – By Calvin Wulf

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth Sorrow

I feel an overwhelming sorrow deep within my soul. Waters of despair rise up and consume my spirit. Rescue me, sweet Jesus, and save me from this affliction. But my anguish doesn’t stop.

I’m in a season of rapid spiritual growth. Like an adolescent growth spurt when ligaments in the joints are stretched and strained, spiritual growth can be equally painful. My soul suffers the contortions caused by the formation of Christ in me. Such transformation comes from the same power exerted by the Father when he raised Jesus from the dead. Should I be surprised by this anguish?

In my own journey toward Christlikeness, I will learn what it means to be ridiculed and rejected. Today I am a man of sorrows so that someday I might wear the marks of Christ. Spare me Jesus from this sorrow if you choose. Not my will, but your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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