SPIRITUAL BEING – by Calvin Wulf


spiritual-life-spiritual-beingSometimes I strain my eyes to perceive the image of God on me, or even in me for that matter. While I am certain that there are zero-degrees of separation between myself and God in Christ, I see no hint of a halo that would betray a spiritual being walking around in my body.

Everything around me defies spirituality. We are enlightened, but only with an intellectual light. Western Christians are way too attached to the academics. The western Church relegates what is truly spiritual and mystical to the fringe because they can neither explain it nor control it.

Let me bind myself today to the contemplation of God that restores the Image. I renounce the gods of academia. I will not settle for enlightenment that is merely intellectual.

I embrace my creation as an embodied spirit made in the image of my Creator. And if I am relegated to the fringe, at least I will be closer to Christ.

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