Spiritual Growth - Spiritual Cooperative

I have no doubt that Christ is being formed in you, but I want to ask how are you cooperating? Every human is born with the image of God, just the same as we are created male and female. Once you are born in the Spirit, the Christ image inside you receives fuel to grow.

God is Spirit. As we grow spiritually, we become proportionally more filled with God-nature and less filled with human-nature. At the same time, you become more of who you really are.

We cooperate with this internal formation of Christ in us by engaging ancient spiritual exercises handed down by apostles and desert fathers. Prayer, solitude, contemplation and other spiritual disciplines deliver oxygen to the transfiguring fuel of God’s Spirit.

The journey with Jesus is a spiritual cooperative of humanity and divinity. Your spiritual nature increases as you allow the divine regular access to your soul through intentional spiritual exercise. Will you choose to cooperate?

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