Spiritual Direction


A Guide for Your Spiritual Journey

Calvin Wulf is a gifted and deeply experienced spiritual director who lives and works in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He respects the uniqueness of every individual and is able to shine God’s light of love on each one. Calvin’s relational style of spiritual guidance seeks to reveal Jesus as he can be found in the everyday experience of life. He is a well-respected spiritual advisor.

Calvin Wulf, Spiritual Director

Calvin draws from the ancient wisdom of Christian spirituality, prayer, meditation, contemplation, and mysticism. We read about these traditions in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. The writings of early Christian spiritual masters are rich with insight and instruction. These early spiritual giants lived in constant amazement of God’s imminent presence and enfolding love. They have formed a firm foundation for Calvin’s guidance in pursuing the mysteries of God.

He also draws from spiritual imagery in Colorado’s diverse and colorful landscape that offers a full range of environs to illustrate the changing seasons of life’s journey. From hard flinty rock, to the refreshing gentleness of a lush green meadow, a still alpine lake, he can describe a setting that speaks to the myriad of human experiences of consolation and desolation.

The beauty of God’s creation cascades down from edgy mountain peaks, piercing the clouds, warming the golden glow of aspen trees, whispering to your heart in a timeless still small voice, disclosing the wisdom of God.

A solitary seeker finds a peaceful space to meet with God, hidden from the world by a living wall of trees, to behold the beauty our Lord.

Calvin is an able spiritual interpreter who translates the incredible love of God that is at work in every human, growing the image of Christ from the inside out. He understands that the role of spiritual guide is not only about representing God to the student, but also presenting the student to God in the same moment.

He guides in wisdom, compassion, and love.

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About Spiritual Direction

Imagine yourself going on a journey to an unknown place where no other person has ever been. There are no maps and no clear path. Night after night you dream of seven mountains, with seven streams, and you must reach the seventh peak in order to embrace the greatest longing of your heart. The only thing you know for certain is your unquenchable desire to find it. How would you begin?

Your journey of spiritual growth is very much like that. The way is not clear and your path is not marked. You need a helper, or a shepherd, who is able to guide you. Everyone who earnestly desires growth in their spiritual life needs a director who is an experienced authority and healer. You want a gifted mediator who will raise holy hands for you in prayer.

Spiritual direction is a term that describes a relationship between such an informed and experienced spiritual teacher and a student who has a heartfelt desire to grow into the image of Christ. The relationship is one of talking, listening, discerning, and sometimes silence.

“Imagine yourself going on a journey to an unknown place where no other person has ever been. How would you begin?”

A spiritual director listens quietly but attentively to the stories of the student and the whispering of the Spirit. The director asks questions and gives feedback to assure clarity of understanding. There is discernment. Occasionally, the director will offer insights and guidance as prompted by the Spirit. It is a long term relationship often involving an initial commitment of one year. Some spiritual direction relationships last many years.

Calvin’s Credentials

Calvin Wulf is a well informed and experienced spiritual director. He has engaged in the continuous practice of spiritual direction since 2007, serving people of diverse Christian traditions and spirituality. After completing his studies in Christian theology and spiritual formation at the Fuller Theological Seminary Extension Campus in Colorado Springs, Colorado, he has continued his study and research of the historical spiritual practices of Christianity.

Calvin has also completed the 30-day Exercises of Saint Ignatius, a silent retreat, under the direction of Fr. Vince Hovley, S.J. at the Sacred Heart Jesuit Retreat House in Sedalia, Colorado.

He lives out his own spirituality in daily life and strives to reveal Christ in practical ways.

Professional Endorsements

Vince Hovley, S.J.
Vince Hovley, S.J.

“Diligent and wise in his own spiritual life, unusually well versed in the history of spirituality and in Sacred Scriptures, gifted in his ability to listen and discern, Calvin Wulf is a marvelous spiritual director. Further, he is a delight to be with.”

Rev. Vince Hovley, S.J.
Doctor of Mystical Theology
Sacred Heart Jesuit Retreat House
Sedalia, Colorado

Howard Baker, ThM
Howard Baker, ThM

“Calvin Wulf is a gifted spiritual director who drinks deeply from the liturgical, contemplative, evangelical, and charismatic streams of the faith resulting in a unique ability to lead others into the fullness of devotion to Jesus.”

Howard Baker, ThM
Assistant Professor of Christian Formation
Author of Soul Keeping and The One True Thing
Denver Seminary    
Denver, Colorado

Investiture and Affiliations

Rev. Calvin Wulf was publicly ordained, in the presence of friends and clergy, to the ministry of Jesus Christ in 2007 and is sent in service to the whole body of Christ.

He has been a member in good standing of Spiritual Directors International since 2007 and adheres to their guidelines for ethical conduct.

Calvin has professed lifelong vows as an Oblate of the Order of Julian of Norwich, a contemplative monastic order of the Episcopal Church.

Actively engaged in social justice and community action, Calvin is a member of the NAACP.


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