SPIRITUAL FOOD – by Calvin Wulf

spiritual-struggles-spiritual-foodEating is a spiritual matter. I have struggled with overeating all my adult life. So I recently turned to my Desert Father friends for some ancient guidance.

Believe it or not, the 4th and 5th century monks living in the desert regions of Egypt needed strict regulation in order to defeat the Spirit of Gluttony. One of the first lessons these monks would learn was abstinence regarding food. These three rules may sound familiar.

Eat only at the appointed times; no snacks between meals. Eat a quality of food that satisfies to curb hunger. Eat a quantity of food that meets the body’s needs based on the individual’s strength. That amounts to a diet for some of us. Fasting comes later in the program.

The spiritual part has to do with focus. Do we focus on food to satisfy our physical desires or do we delight in the beauty of heavenly things. If the spiritual focus is right, then eating becomes a necessary drudgery.

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