SpiritualLet me tell you about this new reality, unless a grain of wheat falls to the earth and dies, it remains alone. But if it dies, it will bear a harvest of fruit.

Jesus offers a word picture from nature showing that a single seed remains alone until it is planted in the ground. Then, with good soil and water, the single grain grows and produces many grains of wheat. We must die to self so that we can bear fruit in Christ.

A gardener can plant seeds and they will grow whether the planter sleeps or works. Our effort will not yield a harvest in Christ. Yes, human effort can produce results, but it comes from human initiative and not from Christ.

The spiritual life that bears a harvest of fruit in Christ begins by letting go of self-control and personal effort. It starts with a journey inward where we let go of the physical life and begin to embrace the spiritual life. We die to self in order to live in Christ. It is in such a death that we find new life.

god-blog-calvin-wulfCalvin Wulf is a writer, spiritual director, and retreat facilitator who lives in Colorado with his wife Lisa. He has a passion for Christian spiritual formation drawing from the ancient spiritual traditions of the Apostles, and Christian sages through the ages. He is also a vowed oblate of the contemplative monastic Order of Julian of Norwich.

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