god's-peace-disciplines-spiritual-refreshmentSometimes when I just sit still, away from the clamor of life, I realize how stressed, or scattered, or wearied I am. This also reminds me how important it is to maintain a regular practice of the spiritual disciplines. The Christian spiritual disciplines have ancient biblical roots. Even Jesus and the apostles practiced them.

Beyond the benefit of spending quality time with Jesus, practicing the spiritual disciplines also has the value of quieting and centering the human soul with spiritual refreshment. Habits like silence and contemplation offer alone time encounters with God.

The Spiritual disciplines help us turn away from the clamor of life and return to the face of Jesus. Do you wish you could find refreshment for body, soul and spirit? Have a taste of the Christian spiritual disciplines.

They are like honey on your tongue and nourishment for your body, mind and spirit. Experience Jesus encounters and enter into God’s rest through these ancient habits.

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