Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Journey - Suffer the Wounds

“Why do I have to suffer all these wounds?” As a spiritual director, I am asked this question again and again. Sometimes our journey toward Christ-likeness passes though pain hidden deep in the heart. Jesus guides us into these wounds for love.

We experience suffering along the spiritual journey as Jesus exposes deep wounds. We learn to let go or detach from the crutches we use to prop up heavy scars. Sometimes we are healed but sometimes not. Either way, the experience of our suffering makes us more complete in Christ.

I have experienced painful journeys through wounds that go back to the first years of my life. I suffered the heartaches with rivers of tears. When I had finally passed through, my heart was more tender and my soul more complete. I learned more about who I am and grew in the compassion of Christ. Are you willing to follow Jesus anywhere, even to suffer the wounds?

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