Spiritual Formation - A New Tribe- christianJesus told them, “The hour has come for the Son of Humanity to be glorified.”

This seems like a strange answer to a request from a group of Greeks who wanted to meet Jesus. It must have baffled his disciples, Philip and Andrew, who brought the inquiry to their Teacher. What does it mean?

Jesus is the Son of Humanity; that is, the incarnation of God for all peoples of all times. He welcomes Jews, Gentiles, believers and scoffers alike into his new tribe. In Christ, all become one. Is that easy to understand?

Jesus understood that his Father would accomplish this union by glorifying his Son. The Father would welcome all humanity into the glory of the Son of Humanity. Nobody is excluded! But that may be a fearful thing.

To enter his glory is to become lost in a spiritual realm of union with Christ. A human becomes one with the divine. How can that be?

god-blog-calvin-wulfCalvin Wulf is a writer, spiritual director, and retreat facilitator who lives in Colorado with his wife Lisa. He has a passion for Christian spiritual formation drawing from the ancient spiritual traditions of the Apostles, and Christian sages through the ages. He is also a vowed oblate of the contemplative monastic Order of Julian of Norwich.

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