spiritual-life-jesus-enter-god“The Church gives us not a system, but a key; not a plan to God’s City, but a means of entering it,” says Fr. Georges Florovsky. For me, that represents an ideal of the Church. Programs can’t give it. Having an answer to every question will not open the door. I simply need a key as the means to enter the Kingdom of God.

God is hidden from the human eye. But God is also revealed to us in the person of Jesus. Knowing God does not happen by knowing abstract theories or doctrines. We are born spiritually as we come to know Jesus as a real person. We must know Jesus as a person and as a gift of the Father’s complete love.

The key is spiritual birth through a real encounter with Christ and Jesus, himself, is the doorway to the kingdom of God. When Jesus enters into a human person, he brings all of himself and all the divine presence of God with him. This is spiritual birth.

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