THE DEPOT – by Calvin Wulf

Spiritual Struggles~

Spiritual Struggles - The Depot

I struggle deeply from time to time. There are days called, “Today,” when I arrive at the depot in a time-delay mode. The chaos around me blurs and I am lost. It isn’t something I am able to set aside.

As one who is baptized into Christ, I am not immune to sorrows of the heart. My life has splinters that jab my wounded soul from time to time. There is no button to mute or to pause, but only to play; even if frame-by-fame.

At times I am allowed to experience paradise and I have hovered over the gates of hell in this same body. But every morning I exit the gate and every evening the Shepherd’s voice calls me back to his rest. The depot is a passage way into each day called, “Today.” I scan the departures and follow the Way. My struggles remind me I have yet to arrive, but my beloved bids me gently onward.

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