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Christian Prayer - The Monastery Bell

I receive a weekly email from Abbot Philip of the Monastery of Christ in the Desert in New Mexico. Lisa and I have enjoyed a special relationship with these brothers for several years. Whenever we retreat there, we are challenged by the seven times of prayer starting at 4:00 in the morning.

In today’s update, Abbot Philip mentioned the bell that rings signaling the times of prayer. It’s a sign of permanence and a call to prayer. “The bell becomes the voice of God, inviting us to pray, to do lectio and to eat,” explains the abbot. It’s the responsibility of the abbot, the head monk, to ring the bell on time.

I remember when it’s time to eat, but all too often I forget when it’s time to pray and meditate. I need to become abbot of my time, submitting in obedience to Christ. Will I organize my life around prayer, or will I organize prayer around my life? Abbot Philip, pray for me.

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