THE REAL CHURCH by Calvin Wulf

Christian Discipleship~

Christian Discipleship - The Real Church

The church is the body of Christ gathered in worship and sent out in service. If that sounds too simple, then let it be so.

Christ is the head of his body. All authority is given to Jesus alone. His followers, women and men alike, answer only to him.

We worship the triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, with prayers, psalms and spiritual songs. We serve as the incarnation of God in the world, doing whatever we see Jesus do. Oh, and there’s a new commandment; love one another.

Jesus never said, go build a church. He said, “Go make disciples and teach them to do the things you have seen me do.” In other words, show these disciples how to be like Jesus. That’s true discipleship and that’s the real church. Your job is to either make disciples or be a disciple. But above all, be Christ on the earth for the Father’s glory. Who is the head of your church?

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