THE TEACHER – by Calvin Wulf

Spiritual Formation~

Spiritual Formation - The Teacher

Jesus is our image of the true Teacher. Look into his eyes and you’ll notice they are open wide, to perceive all. They are gentle to take in strangers. See how his mouth is small by comparison. The Teacher speaks in meek and loving tones. His voice is unmistakable, if you have ever heard him.

He comes to reveal the love of his Father. In him, we know God face-to-face. Jesus opens the scriptures to understanding hearts. Whoever believes becomes a spiritual being just like him.

The Teacher handpicks his own students. His teachings are easy to follow. They add no unnecessary burdens. It is enough for the student to be like the Teacher.

Jesus invites us into the discipline of his divine realm. We abide with him and he shows us how to rest in the Father. We learn how to know and to be known in spirit and truth.

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