TO DIE FOR – by Calvin Wulf

spiritual-journey-self-to-die-forI am familiar with the pain of dying to self. Sometimes it is intense, while at other times I hardly notice. It seems like a life long struggle as I slip ever so slowly into the divinity of Christ.

When can I say, like the apostle Paul, “I am not alive anymore, but Christ is alive in me?” When I have died in this life and Christ is alive in me, then I will be Christ in this body with my personality.

That is something worth pondering. Will it ever be my reality as it was the reality for Paul? It is too much for my brain to comprehend. Maybe in contemplation on God I can understand in my spirit what is too big for my small brain.

Who will walk with me on this journey? We will search the depths of Christ and his divine image in humanity. This pearl is worth everything that we claim is our own. It is to die for.

TAGS: Spiritual Journey, Reflecting Christ, Contemplative Prayer

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