TRUE PRAYER – By Calvin Wulf

Christian Prayer

“When you stand in prayer and feel that no other joy can be compared to it, then you have indeed discovered true prayer.” Evagrios of Pontus, a Christian sage, wrote this in the 4th century A.D. He became known as the greatest monastic teacher in Egypt. 

This kind of prayer is experienced with the direct and intimate consciousness of the Divine Presence. It may be that such prayers are uttered at a kind of altar found only in heavenly places. It’s like the experience of Moses who talked with God face-to-face between the cherubim.

I enter the fullness of God’s presence through the portal of his grace. Even before then, however, I must prepare to experience him. I will not experience this fullness of joy if I am preoccupied with myself and the concerns of the world. These distractions must be left behind. I will know how to pray when I get there. What do you say?

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