TURNING INWARD – by Calvin Wulf

spiritual-journey-turning-inwardTurning inward begins with a decision to leave the world that exists outside yourself. It begins a journey into the heart and soul of who you really are. That can be frightening, but let me assure you that the first few steps are the most difficult part of the journey.

It is a deliberate choice to be alone in a quiet place where you can recollect the lost and fragmented parts of your life. It is a time for recollecting the treasures that were left along the way of years. There is spiritual strength in leaving your outer world and retreating into your inner world.

Some places will be a way of tears as you collect the sorrow, the disappointments and the pain. Other palaces will collect times of joy along the way. Take no effort to make sense of it. Let Christ show you his meaning. You are recollecting God’s image within. Let him show you.

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