UNKNOWING GOD – by Calvin Wulf

Spiritual Journey~

Spiritual Journey - Unknowing God

There may come a point in your spiritual journey where answers you have found along the way are no longer helpful. Some of us even lose confidence in certainties that carried us for many years. You may ask yourself, “Have I ever really known God?”

Eventually, the illusion that all the questions have answers crumbles into the mysteries of unknowing God. The reality is that the ways of God are not the ways of humans and the thoughts of God are far beyond even the collective thoughts of humanity. Human logic and reason, what you think you know, will eventually fail you.

God alone is all knowing. Perhaps you have reached a place of unknowing. You may be forced to give up knowing and embrace the mystery of God. Dare I suggest a need to deconstruct the God you have created for yourself and seek to know Jesus, who is the complete revelation of God to humanity?

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