WE NEED A GUIDE – By Calvin Wulf

Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation We Need a Guide
We need a guide to help us navigate our way along the journey toward Christlikeness. Although I’m a studied and experienced
spiritual director myself, I rely heavily on Howard who is my spiritual director. Along my trail of tears that I mentioned in ONCE LOST NOW FOUND, I was aided by the skill of a gifted counselor named Robin who helped to unlock THE LOST ROOM. Both of them have been indispensable to my journey.

There are times when I’m so focused on the path ahead that I don’t see where the Lord has already taken me. Sometimes I just can’t see the way to get there from here. Those are times when I have been most grateful for the guides who have shown me the way.

Yes, I walk in the Spirit. But sometimes I’m a blind guide who’s missing the point. So, who’s your guide?

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