WHAT IS GREED? – by Calvin Wulf

Living for God~

“What is greed?” asked the deacon in her children’s sermon. “That’s taking more than what you need,” a child answered. The concept of greed is so simple and so clear that a child can grasp it.

In our adult American world, however, greed seems a lot more difficult to understand. We seem to need a bigger house or a nicer car and of course that means we need more money. Is what we need dictated by greed?

We surely need a place to live and in many cases, we need a car, but how big, how many and how fancy is another question. Jesus said, “Guard yourself against all kinds of greed. Your value is not measured by the lavishness of your possessions (Luke 12:15 PAR).”

Constantly taking more than we need robs necessities from our neighbors, at home and around the world. This is the wisdom of a child. How much do you really need?

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