WHO AM I? by Calvin Wulf

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth - Who Am I

Asking the question, “Who am I,” initiates an important movement along the path of your spiritual journey. It opens a door to the inward life. The inner self is territory well worth exploring as Christ is formed in you. Avoiding the question will cut short your spiritual growth.

We often ask this question after some painful experience. Memories from family life, school or church are good trails to follow in your search for truth. But so many of us lack either the courage or the faith to go there. Jesus calls you to follow these trails, even when it hurts.

“Those who do not run away from our pains but touch them with compassion bring healing and new strength,” Henri Nouwen observes. If you will risk sitting in the solitude of your heart to reflect on your story, then Jesus will meet you there. He will lead you along a path that restores your true self.

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