WHO DO YOU LOVE? – By Calvin Wulf

Spiritual Formation

Love the Lord your God is the first and greatest commandment. I’m thinking that maybe this is the first commandment because the Christian spiritual life begins with our love for God. Everything else grows from there.

I can’t teach anybody how to love God. That comes with experience. After all, nobody taught us how to love our physical parents. In a healthy family, that love grows as we experience our parents in who they are and how they love us.

Spiritual disciplines, as devotional exercises, give you the opportunity to experience God as Christ is formed in you. Your love for God grows with the experience of discovering who he is and how he loves you. These ancient disciplines were handed down from the Jews to Jesus, then to the apostles, and ultimately to you and me to help us live out the first and greatest commandment. How well are you doing at experiencing God?

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