WITHIN YOUR HEART – by Calvin Wulf

Spiritual Growth~

Spiritual Growth - Within Your Heart

If you believe that your body is a temple of God, then you may also consider your heart to be the mercy seat where God rests. Your heart is the abode of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, if you believe Jesus. The most intimate place to meet with God is within your heart.

Early Christians considered the heart to be the center of your being. It is place of your deepest and truest self, and the human situation of appearing in the image of God. The heart is where you look to begin a deeper and more personal spiritual journey.

Is the voice of God calling to you from within? The next step in your spiritual journey may lead you into your heart where Jesus lives. From there, the things that have surrounded you will not seem very significant. That’s because you are closer to God when you journey inside yourself, within your heart.

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