YEARNING – by Calvin Wulf

spiritual-formation-god-loving-yearningJesus is very near, closer than your next breath, beside you on the way, with you as a mother, closer than a brother. There has never been a time when Jesus was very far from you. But there have been times when you have felt far from Jesus.

The distant times are distressing, feeling so alone, being outside his presence, searching in the wilderness, like a mother looking for her lost child. Then we remember our great yearning for God. It is a yearning that swells up inside your soul, a place so incomplete.

We have this yearning for his presence, a seed in the heart, longing of the soul, anticipating his appearance, as an acorn carries inside itself a great oak tree. We are born with this yearning. We wait breathlessly for the lover of souls. Jesus is very near. We need only wait to awaken and see that we are like him.

TAGS: Spiritual Formation, Kingdom of God, Reflecting Christ

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