YOUR INNER VOICE – by Calvin Wulf

spiritual-growth-your-inner-voiceWhat does your voice want to tell the world? There is truth inside you that God wants to speak through you. It is an inner voice that murmurs with sighs and groans too deep for words.

Every soul contains such an expression, but few have the courage to go there. And, the way you find it seems counter intuitive. You won’t discover this power of speech by talking. The secret calling within you is revealed through patient and quiet listening.

Clues outside yourself are not reflecting your authentic heart. What we wear outside is often there to cover the truth of who is inside. We use these outer garments to gain acceptance. Removing these facades reveals the naked reality of who we are, and that may be a scary thought.

Remember that Christ is with you. He wants to reveal the love of his Father through you. Jesus longs to explore your inner voice with you. Will you follow him even there?

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